Another Super food Joins the Fruit for Life Range

by / Thursday, 03 October 2013 / Published in News
Inca Berries

Our Fruit for Life brand has included goji berries since way back in 2007 but now another super food has joined the fold and it sure packs a punch!

You can find Fruit for Life Inca Berries in the dried fruit section of Woolworths or grab a carton from our online shop.Introducing the inca berry, a tangy raisin like morsel that is packed with goodness! Even higher in antioxidants than gojis, the inca berry contains plenty of vitamins and minerals and a 20 gram serving contains 13% of an adult’s daily fibre needs.

Update 1/10/2013 : Fruit for Life Inca berries are being deleted from the Woolworths range but you can still purchase them from our online shop